/ Asked by Samantha J.
I think it will depend on several factors which could include how long ago did the theft occur, what was the value and would that nature of what happened impact your ability to do your  job. Depending on what state you live in you might not have to disclose until after you have received an offe...

/ Asked by Rose S.
I am sorry that this happened to you. That is completely inappropriate. If you have a business conduct line at your work I would first suggest calling that line. I would also suggest pulling in your HR rep. This behavior should be addressed and you should not have to address it. 

/ Asked by Kassi R.
Let's talk about networking first. Do you have a LinkedIn page? That is the best way to get start networking. Start with your contacts, then your contact's connections. If you met someone at a job fair or industry event find them on LinkedIn and send them a message. It doesn't have to be long just s...

/ Asked by Kaitlin K.
Without seeing your resume it would be tough to say if your resume looks bad. What I would recommend doing is following up with the places of employment a few days after submitting your resume. Many times places get a ton of resumes and this is a good way to get yourself noticed. 

/ Asked by Santiago W.
I would recommend to research your state and local teaching requirements. A master's degree may or may not be required and depending on what you are thinking about doing. Also, I would talk to people working at some of your targeted to locations and they can recommend the best way to move forward.&n...

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