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Big Thinkers Wanted

We are a global team of 50,000+ inventors, ready to take on the world. We're looking for big thinkers to be the next leaders at HP!

We truly believe in the power of ideas. We use ideas to put technology to work for everyone. And we believe that ideas thrive best in a culture of teamwork. That is why everyone - at every level in every function, is encouraged to have original ideas, to express them and to share them. We trust anything can be achieved if you really believe in it, and we will invest in your ideas to change lives and the way people work.

Now it's your turn! It's up to you to make the world a better place to live and work. We are here to help you achieve that and be the best version of you.

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/ Asked by Kate
Congratulations on the offer.   It could be that you received the offer letter with the managers signature but it was generated via a database and HR moved you forward through the process.&n...

/ Asked by Jared
If you are creating your resume from scratch, it may be good to use a site that will put together a general format for you to get your job history organized. You can then personalize it and adjust it ...

/ Asked by Rutikaba
You are definitely on the right track with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.  The KEY for your resume and job search is for you to list specific projects where you used these languages to produce wo...

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