How To Advance Your Career During Coronavirus
With the shift to remote learning, unexpected layoffs, and an unprecedented job market - we’re almost all facing some sort of transition. During this time of uncertainty, it can be easy to feel like the momentum in your career has been suspended. Here are some expert ideas for free ways to advance your career during coronavirus. 

Work On Your Resume 

If you’re looking at jobs online, now is the perfect time to update your resume and tailor it to stand out during your job search. Stuart, Hiring Expert at Gap Inc., shares, “When we say ‘tailor your resume to a particular job’ it doesn’t mean you need to start over from scratch.  If you have a current resume, it is a matter of highlighting your most relatable experiences to the job. Also if the job description mentions experience with specific software programs or other experiences you should include how you used them in your resume vs. just a bullet point that says ‘proficient in Microsoft Excel.’”   More from Stuart

Keyword Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When employers search for candidates via LinkedIn, they view profiles based on the keywords that they’re searching for. Similar to search engine optimization for a website, you need to include keywords that are relevant to your field in your profile. If there are specific programs, skills, or experiences that are listed in a job posting, make sure that they are included in your bio, skills, and description.

Grow Your Network

Right now, networking has gone virtual, and LinkedIn is your greatest tool. If you’re just getting started on the platform, Amy, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., shares, “The first thing I would do is begin connecting with your colleagues. Those colleagues should be people you have met in real life and know you as an individual. This boils down to your friends, professors, family, colleagues from past jobs, etc. Once you have assembled your ‘real life’ network, I would begin targeting those business professionals who work for companies or industries you are interested in. However, I would look to see what intermediary connections you have with the individual you’re targeting (by going to the ‘How You Are Connected Tool’) and ask that person if they would be willing to introduce you. You have a higher chance of connecting with your targeted individual if you have someone connect you with them because they were greeted by a direct introduction.”  More from Amy

Add To Your Expertise

There are many digital resources for advancing your skills while you’re social distancing. As well as online classes, check out these free resources for career-centric webinars to advance your skillset:
This time can be stressful, but by following the suggestions in this blog you can better prepare yourself for life after the outbreak. Being ready for the rebound hiring market will set you ahead of the pack of job seekers looking for employment after social distancing. If you have concerns about navigating the hiring process right now, ask our experts a question! We’re always here to help. 
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