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7 Interviewing Tips To Get That Job

June 29, 2015

You’ve been searching for weeks, and now finally you have an interview for a job you actually want. Obtaining an interview is a challenge in and of itself, but winning the job is another. Here are some tips from experts that will help you succeed in your interview and gain that job.

1. Be on time.

It seems like an obvious point, but there are always people who show up late to interviews. Sue from Gap, “Give yourself a good cushion of time to get there. I usually advise candidates to allow at least an hour of extra time and spend that time at a nearby coffee shop or bench to collect your thoughts. Checking in with the point person at least 15 minutes before the interview time is a good idea. That way, if there is paperwork to fill out, you’ll have time beforehand.” It’s smart to not only show up extremely early, but to drive to your location a few days before the interview.

2. Stay away from coffee.

Interviews are typically anxiety inducing, drinking caffeine only amplifies your tension. A hiring expert from Hershey’s added this response, “Remember that your interviewer is human too, so be yourself & take your time answering questions.  Take deep breaths & don't drink too much coffee!” The goal is to manage your anxiety so that you can excel in the interview. Another wise decision is to exercise prior to the interview.

3. Show up prepared.

You can’t ask to move onto the next question. An interview is a verbal test, be sure to brush up on industry standards, and be able to speak at length about your previous experiences. Being prepared is another way to reduce your anxiety and stay level headed. Steve from Caterpillar said, “One thing that is very helpful to prepare for interviews is to research or think of likely interview questions and prepare or even rehearse your response to those questions.  It will help your anxiety if you have thought about answers in advance and have a general idea of how you will respond.”

4. Ask questions during the interview.

When you come prepared with questions in hand you demonstrate to your interviewer that you care about the position. Stephanie, a hiring expert at AT&T, Inc. says, “Your interviewer wants to know that you have given some thought to what it would really be like to work for the company and that you recognize that every question can't be answered in a carefully crafted job description.”

5. Project confidence with your body language.

How you sit, stand, talk, and interact all communicate ideas about who you are. Kaitlin from Textron, “Confidence can go a long way in an interview.” Be sure to give a firm handshake, and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. It’s also beneficial to sit with good posture.

6. Be memorable.

The million dollar question is, how can you be memorable? Nell from Pitney Bowes gave her perspective on how to achieve that, “A sincere enthusiasm for the position. That is huge; you would be so surprised at how many people that get interviewed that have a so-so enthusiasm. When I get a candidate that radiates excitement about the opportunity, I love it!”

7. Write a thank you note to your interviewer.

Thank you notes may seem antiquated, but they’re actually a very valuable part of the interviewing process. If you drop a note in the mail right after you leave, it can mean the difference between a job offer and applying for another 100 positions. Francis from Merck says in regards to thank you notes, “It’s a matter of politeness and professionalism.”   

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