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Building a Voice on Social Media for Your Career

July 13, 2015

While social media is often seen as something to keep private from prospective employers, it can actually be used as a helpful tool to market your knowledge and understanding of your field.

If you choose to keep your social media accounts public and accessible to potential companies and organizations, here are some helpful tips on how to make them work in your favor:

Keep all content clean and professional. Share only what you are 100% comfortable and confident in any future or current boss and coworker seeing. Pictures from your weekend fun or inside jokes with your buddies or any inappropriate content should be kept off of your pages and profiles. This includes retweets and favorites—those can be seen by your followers or anyone viewing your accounts, so make sure you think twice before sharing anything yourself or interacting with anyone else’s content. “use your best judgment when using any social media outlet at any stage in your life or career,” Cassandra from Verizon says.

Use your channels as communication tools. Charlene, a hiring expert from Gap, says “Keep your work on social media  focused with a purpose and solicit feedback from friends, family and professionals.” If you’re in a creative field, share content from other creative people that inspire you, intrigue you, or interest you. Add your own thoughts in feedback as well to show that you are taking an interest and proving that you are knowledgeable. Use your social media profiles as a way to talk about what you love, what you know, and what your skills and interests are.

If you’re still in school, soak up any information you can about how to use social media effectively in the workplace and your field of interest. “Take electives that relate to social media (public relations, digital marketing, etc.), become involved in student organizations that relate to social media, and visit the professionals at the career services office to find internship opportunities in order to gain real-world experience,” Stephanie, a hiring expert from Asurion, says.

If you aren’t still in school, use resources online to gather knowledge and keep up with current trends in communications. The Internet is a gold mine for information about what’s popular, especially when it comes to social media. Stay on top of trending topics, set up email subscriptions for websites focused on social media strategy, or Google alerts for keywords related to your field so you constantly are in the know and can be sharing and interacting with relevant and current hot topics.

Show through your own channels what you could do for your company’s channels. If you have an interest in communications or running social media as part of your job, this is crucial. Your own channels are the best way you can show off what you can do! “A savvy user of social media tools with an established personal brand can be GOLD to a company without a strong social presence,” Stephanie, a hiring expert from AT&T, says. “All areas from employment branding and candidate engagement to product launches and social responsibility campaigns are directly impacted by a companies social profile.  If this is the area you want to pursue, work hard to build your personal brand, connect with companies who are already engaging on social and work on your network to find a place you fit in to the puzzle!” 


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