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College Seniors: Have you visited your career office yet?

January 22, 2015

The spring semester is underway at college and university campuses across the country. If you are graduating in a few months, you’re probably excited about life after college and everything that’s on the horizon. But while you are thinking about this upcoming new chapter in life, it’s understandable to find yourself a bit anxious. Finding a job is going to be difficult, but not impossible! There are many available resources, like, that can help you successfully gain employment after graduation. One terrific resource is right on your school’s campus – your career services office.

If you’re about to graduate, schedule a meeting with a counselor at your career office. Francis, a hiring manager from Merck who contributes to suggests, “If coming out of school, meet with the professional at your career services center on campus.” All you have to do is schedule time to meet with a career counselor, and be prepared to talk about yourself and what you want to do after graduation. The career counselors have been through this process hundreds of times and they can assist you in a variety of ways.

College and university career offices are a good starting point for many graduating seniors entering the job market because they have a wealth of detailed information, networks and experience at their disposal. They can tweak and improve your resume, and they can host mock interviews so you can practice. They can help you identify appropriate job openings you may want to consider based of your academic major or field of interest. They are there to help you find a job, so don't hesitate to use them.

Career offices often have relationships with alumni, all of whom are willing to help graduates from their alma mater find work. Additionally, career offices can help you identify companies that regularly hire graduates from your school, and they can tell you when companies will be on-campus recruiting and interviewing. A hiring manager from Hospira name Ellen who contributes to offered the following insight, “Many career offices at universities work with companies to invite them on campus to conduct information sessions about the company and then they do on campus interviews. I would suggest you work with your career office to see what companies will be on campus that are tied to your career field and post for interviews.

No matter the steps you’re already taking to find a job, it's wise to meet with your career office. All you have to do is schedule time and start the conversation.

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