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College Students: 3 of the Worst Resume Red Flags

December 22, 2014

Don't let your resume end up in the trash! Make sure these easily avoidable red flags don't appear on your resume.

Always list dates of employment and when you were at school

Even if you have gaps in your employment history, always include the dates for when you were employed. It would be better to explain the gaps during an interview, than not be invited to interview at all. Deanna, a hiring manager from IBM who contributes to said, “[A] red flag is gaps in experience or school that are not explained. It is better to comment on gaps, even recognizing time off, than to leave the time unexplained."

Your GPA is not listed on your resume

Even if you have a low GPA, make sure it’s listed on your resume. Let the hiring manager or recruiter evaluate you as a whole, instead of questioning why your GPA is missing from your resume. Jillian, a hiring manager from DuPont who contributes to said, “If your GPA is not listed on your resume we will assume that you probably don’t want to share what it is.

Check for incorrect spelling, poor grammar and inconsistent formatting

Spelling, grammar and formatting are easy things to proof on your resume. After you have proofed your resume, have someone you trust review it. A hiring manager from American Express named Eddie who contributes to said, “Grammar, spelling and formatting issues are large red flags. This is easily interpreted as carelessness, not taking the job search process seriously or issues when it comes to attention to detail.

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