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Example Emails for Cold Outreach

April 6, 2016

At some point we’ve all been there. You need a job, but no one is knocking on your door begging you to come work for them. You sent out resumes and filled out applications for dozens of positions but it’s just not getting you interviews.

So in desperation you move to reach out via email to a whoever does hiring at the company you want to work for.

The problem is… What on earth do you say?

We’re going to show you some actual emails the Jobipedia staff have used for cold outreach emails, AND the tools we use to see if we’re hitting the mark.

Example 1 — I love you

This example is very successful. It has a 100% open rate and a strong response percentage as well. Here’s a sample:

Headline: I love (insert company name)! How can I help?

Email: Hi (Contact Name),

My name is, (your name), and I love what (their company name) does.

I believe (company name) is doing some amazing work in (give one or two examples of their amazing work), and I want to be a part of your team.

I’m sure you receive dozens of emails a day and for any given job opening there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of applicants.

I wanted to reach out to you personally though, because I don’t want to be just another resume in a pile.

I’ve attached my resume, the results of my StrengthsFinder and Disc personality tests, and recorded this 60 second video to give you an idea of who I am.

I’d love to chat with you sometime over the phone or in person to discuss any opportunities which may be available at (company name).

Thank you for your time!

(Your signature with your direct contact information)

Example 2 — Team vs. Individuals

This email works well if you aren't confident in what the company does or what position you may be best for. The open rate for this email is just above 80% and the response rate is fractions below the first email.

Headline: Team Is All About Individuals

Email: (Contact Name),

The best sports teams are the ones with individuals who understand the role they play. They may not all be stars, but they are devoted to playing their role the best they can.

The team is all about finding the right individuals to make the whole go farther.

I believe I’m a right individual for your team.

The work (company name) is doing right now is compelling. I saw the (write up, article, blog, new story) about (‘x’ project or initiative) and I knew I wanted to be a part of what’s going on at (company name).

I’ve attached my resume and my personality test results for you to take a look at.

I’d love to chat through what it could look like for me to join your team.

Thank you for your time!

(Your signature with your direct contact information)

Example 3 — The mutual connection

It’s very likely that you have a mutual connection with the person you’re reaching out to. Like it or not name dropping works. We love to use this email if and when we can, because it’s highly effective at eliciting a response.

Headline: (Mutual Connection Name) Told Me To Reach Out To You

Email: Hey (Contact Name),

I know, (Mutual Connection) and they told me I should reach out to you about the open position you have for a (salesman, marketing person, designer, engineer, etc).

I’d cherish the opportunity to buy you lunch or coffee and talk about the position.

I’ve attached my resume and a letter of interest in being a part of what you and (company name) are doing.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Thank you for your time,

(Your signature with your direct contact information)

So those are some of the emails we’ve actually used on cold outreach attempts and they’ve worked. Now we want to show you some tools which will help in your cold outreach attempts.

When you’re looking for that email address…

Rapportive, like the next two extensions we’ll show you, is free to use on Gmail. We love Rapportive, because it helps us find the emails which aren’t always the easiest to discover. It connects your Gmail account with LinkedIn. Once it’s connected it will then let you know if you find an email address for a user which is connected to their LinkedIn account.

So let’s say you’re trying to find Mary Davis who works for Example Inc. You know their web address is so you try a few variations of what you ‘think’ her email could be.

In example, most email addresses for companies are some variation of their first and last names or initials.

If it’s a smaller company starting off with the first name is a good bet.

Once you find the right email Rapportive will let you know that you found it by displaying this image to the right side of your browser window.

It may seem a little creepy, and it kind of is, but it works very well. If you use Rapportive right you can also leverage it to expand your LinkedIn network by connecting with the very people you’re reaching out to via email.

Want to know if your email is actually being read?

If you thought Rapportive was an invasion of privacy, just wait until you install Bananatag. With Bananatag you can watch to see if the people you are emailing open your email, if they click links, AND if they open your attachments.

Just like Rapportive, Bananatag is free (although there are paid options if you really want to send out a ton of emails daily). You’ll receive email notifications when anyone takes action on emails you’ve ‘tagged’ in the past.

Whatever you do, don’t send an email to whoever opened it saying, “I saw that you opened my email ‘x’ days ago and haven’t responded.”

You can track your email, but please be smart about how you use the information. Use it to craft better headlines and email copy instead of making people look at you like the NSA.

When you’re not a grammar rock star…

Nothing will kill your credibility on a cold outreach faster than obvious grammar and/or spelling mistakes. All the good will you garnered in your perfectly worded headline and email will be gone.

We love Grammarly because it’s free (who doesn’t love free?) and it saves us from looking foolish.

The Jobipedia contributors from all of our companies have told us stories of not hiring people because they had errors in their email correspondence or their resume.

Save yourself the trouble and download this extension to ensure everything is correct.

NOTE: Grammarly is like spell-check, so it’s not smarter than you and it can miss things. While this is a very helpful tool PLEASE double check your email even after Grammarly does so.

How we make our outreach videos awesome? We create our outreach videos in YouTube.

We utilize YouTube for a couple reasons:

  • You can make your videos unlisted so it can only be viewed through the link you provide to a prospective cold outreach
  • You’re able to track views on the video so you know if they are actually viewing the video or clicking on the link and then bouncing away
  • Most people trust it when they see a YouTube URL

If you have a gmail account, then you have a YouTube channel just waiting to be create. Your videos can be lo-fi, because the point of the reach out videos is to give the person viewing it a sense of who you are.

We record most of our reach out videos on webcams from our laptops.

So that’s it! The cold email outreach is inherently awkward. If you follow this blog’s example though you can make some headway in your job search and possibly land the job you’re pining for.

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