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How To Get A Job Through Facebook

December 22, 2016

This is part 2 in our series of how to get a job through social media. To read part 1 click here.

Build a Sturdy Foundation

You’re not going anywhere on Facebook without some foundational elements in place. Lori from Cigna states it plainly, “My recommendation would be to have a professional looking photo of yourself, and ensure all the other content listed is appropriate. Think of your content as a form of a resume, so you would want anything out there (posts, photos, infographics, etc...) to represent you to a potential employer.” See original Q&A

Create a Business Page

Let’s be honest, you don’t always want your professional and personal life crossing. That’s why it’s smart to create a ‘business page’ that is your name, but exclusively talks about the things which are relevant to your industry. This is where your professional profile picture and quality content should live.

This also means that you keep your personal page—private. There is no need to connect with potential employers in your personal, private digital space.

Join AND Start Groups

Community groups on Facebook are an excellent place to make connections and prove your expertise. If you can find a group to join that pertains to your career aspirations that is the best thing you can do get the job you’re looking for. Why? Because Facebook groups are designed to foster engagement amongst the people of the group. The more you engage within the group, the more visible you become.

If for whatever reason you can’t find a group that can help you advance your career—create one. Build the community you need to be successful and you can dominate your chosen field.

Curate Content AND Comment

You don’t necessarily have to create all of the content that is displayed on your business page or group. Instead curate quality content and post on a regular basis. The point is not only to post the link, but comment on the content as well. Why do you find this interesting or helpful? Do you agree with the article? Why?

Demonstrate your expertise and thoughts through your commentary on another individual’s work. Ask quality questions that challenge your followers and fellow group members. Think critically about your field and what you are doing. It’s not just the content you share, but also the things you think about the content you’ve curated.

Be Consistent

One sure fire way to slow down your progress is to fluctuate your engagement in a group or on your page based on the season that you’re in. Be sure to post regularly on your page or group. We recommend posting and commenting at least 3 times a week in pages or on groups. Consistency leads to momentum, and once you catch momentum you will be amazed at how many opportunities come your way.

While Facebook is not widely seen as the career related social media juggernaut that LinkedIn is, it’s still the most widely utilized social media channel around. If you work hard and follow these steps you can be sure to create a dent in the Facebook universe and, hopefully, see some unique job offers come your way. Good luck!

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