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How To Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

May 4, 2016

If you actually want to go somewhere in your career you should be on LinkedIn. If you want to show your high school friends you’ve arrived then you don’t just need to be on LinkedIn, you’ll need to be incredibly visible. We all know social media channels can be powerful tools to grow our influence and our career the question is how do you increase your visibility on LinkedIn?

Publish Content On LinkedIn

You probably created a blog site for class at one point, or you’ve just got that annoying friend who believes they can change everyone’s mind about that TV show if they blog about it. The reality is a blog post on LinkedIn can be extremely powerful content to further your career. While most social media platforms have an incredibly short visibility half life, LinkedIn posts are visible for an average of 6 hours.

The key to publishing content on LinkedIn is not just quantity but more importantly quality. If your content is trite or downright wrong it’s better to be silent. If you want to increase your visibility to the people you admire most in your profession write something intelligent that’s well thought out.

Join Relevant Groups

This one may seem elementary, but the point here is to actually join the groups which are relevant. That group on proper cat grooming techniques isn’t going to help you here. As Charlene from Gap puts it plainly, “…take advantage to [join] groups, and even look to join specific targeted groups, this will be a great way to broaden the view and bring some focus to your profile.” Full Quote

Not only is it necessary to join the groups which are most relevant to where you want to head in your career, it’s also of utmost importance to engage with other members of the group. If you haven’t interacted in every group you’re a part of this week then you’re allowing yourself to be seen less. Be thoughtful in your comments and posts here as well.

Reach Out To Influencers

You may have a slight career crush on someone you follow through LinkedIn. Reach out to them. You think it would be great to work for Gary Vaynerchuk? Great! Follow him, interact with his posts, and one day reach out to him. If you’re timid and worried about offending someone just by telling them how much you admire their work don’t be.

Most influencers want to interact with their followers as a way of giving back. Not to mention, if you continually add value to the conversations they start you may just end up with that dream job offer.

Connect With Everyone You Can

Due to the way LinkedIn set up their social network connections of connections are highly valuable.

Traci from Accenture put it this way, “Connect with your close friends, regardless of the type of work they do or industry they’re currently in. This will allow you to build a virtual network of connections through your friends. Look at your friends’ profiles and look through their connections. If they are connected to someone that you think would be a good person to talk to, whether for a specific role, or just to find out more about the company they work for, ask your friend to do an introduction. On a professional networking site like LinkedIn people are much more willing to connect with friends of friends than strangers.” Full Quote

Susan may work in nursing, but her connection to her uncle who works in sales is just what you’re looking for. Visibility on LinkedIn can come through a number of channels, and most importantly, people. Don’t belittle your ability to network towards visibility.

Ultimately like anything worth doing to advance your career increasing your visibility on LinkedIn is going to take serious work. Creating content takes time, effort, and commitment to do it on a regular basis. The reality is… if done well it’s very much worth it.


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