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How To Tailor Your Resume For Each Job Opportunity

May 26, 2015

In order to get the job of your dreams, you have to work for it. Tailoring your resume to fit each job you apply for is time consuming and monotonous. However, making sure your resume speaks to the specific position you’re applying for can be the difference between an interview and silence. The question is, how do you tailor your resume for each job opportunity?

Rely On The Job Post As A Guide

The good news is when it comes to tailoring your resume to fit a specific job posting, the job post itself can work for you. Many employers use a software to ‘search’ through resumes to find applicants. This often means they copy and paste specific ‘keywords’ from the job posting into a search box to sift through the resumes. If you place keywords from the job post into your resume, you dramatically increase your chances of receiving a call.

Heather from Hershey’s shared her process, “The software we use has a search function built into it. We use the keyword searching function for past applicants that could be interested in a current opening. The keywords used depend on the job requirements they are looking to hire someone for. For example if it is a sales role keywords could be: sales, account, business development, representative, territory, etc”

Think Like An Advertisement

Have you ever noticed if you look at an item you want to buy online you may end up seeing an ad for it the next day? This is commonly referred to as retargeting, and is an incredibly successful method advertisers connect people to products. The basic idea is, you’ve shown an affinity for ‘x’ product and now all you need is to see that product a few more times to buy it. While you can’t necessarily retarget potential employers with your information, you can certainly sell them the product they’re looking for.

Nicole at ManpowerGroup, “A resume is a written summary introducing you and your abilities to a potential employer. To manage your career today you need several resumes that will work for you in a variety of ways. You will be most successful if you tailor each resume to fit a specific job and skill set. Use words in your resume that match the ones you are finding in the job description. This will catch the recruiters’ attention and increase your chances of getting an interview!”

While Nicole echoes the helpfulness of the job description it’s also worth pointing out to do your homework on the company at large. Your resume is an advertisement for you. Think deeply about what the recruiter would be impressed by on your resume. Take the time to ponder what it is the company is looking for beyond the job description. The more time you take creating a cohesive resume the better your chances are of landing the job.

When you apply for each position be sure to tailor your resume to fit. A great place to start your tinkering is by letting the job post work for you. Once you’ve used the job post look into the company more thoroughly. Make your resume an advertisement directed at the recruiter, and sell yourself as the product.  


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