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How To Tweet Your Way To Success

December 16, 2016

Show up in the ‘right’ digital locations.

Rachel, a hiring expert at ADP said, “First off, be sure to "follow" organizations and people in the field you'd like to work for. Many companies tweet about new job opportunities as they arise, so this is a great way to stay alerted and to then apply on their websites. Also, you can find opportunities by searching relevant hashtags such as "#hiring" "#careers" "#jobopening" "#Internshipopening" etc. or more specific hashtags to your industry of interest, such as "#TechJobs". It also would help boost your "street cred" to employers that stumble upon your account if you share tips, industry news, and engage with your followers about meaningful topics.” See Original Q&A

The benefit of every social media platform is there are people talking about almost every topic imaginable. This means you can simply join the conversation and become noticed. What you say once you’ve joined the conversation is key, but the point here is you need to find the right place to show up.

Rachel brings up some great ideas to get you started. Follow companies you admire. Is there someone you’d like to emulate? If you had to work for a company which one would you want to work for?

The influencer network, and how to get on the radar of your dream opportunity givers.

A hiring expert at Caterpillar, Steve, added his thoughts to the mix, “The most effective way to use Twitter to find a job is to follow thought leaders and influencers from the companies and job fields in which you have the most interest.  Pay close attention to what these people are saying, what they are doing, and where they are going.  Hopefully, they will follow you in return.  When you feel comfortable, reach out to these individuals, introduce yourself, and ask for opportunities to speak with them and obtain their advice.  All of this will lead to them following you and them paying attention to what you have to say.  Essentially, this is networking.  Leverage Twitter to build your network, then leverage your network to get the career that you desire.” See Original Q&A

It’s time to create a dream list to really kick start this search. We recommend you find at least 5 influencers you admire in your field along with 15-25 companies. Follow them on Twitter and then watch what they tweet. What are hashtags they commonly use? What’s the kind of language and images they use in their tweets? You can discover an incredible amount about anyone you want, based on their Twitter posts.

Best practices for making a splash and getting that job.

The very nature of Twitter means you’ll need to tweet on a regular basis in order to get noticed. You won’t just need to be a curated source of content that attracts your industry’s elites—you’ll need to create content worth spreading.

Some valuable guidelines to follow based on a social media agency we consulted is as follows:

  • Tweet at least 5 times a day. The half life of each tweet is only 15 minutes for most users. This means, 15 minutes after you hit send your tweet is not going to be viewed again.
  • Use hashtags to get noticed when you’re tweeting out content AND use hashtags for interacting with other users.
  • Make interactions your goal. If you have someone whom you admire take time to reach out to them. Ask them questions whenever they tweet something out. Comment on it intelligently, and show up on their radar day after day, month after month.
  • Don’t be afraid to share the same quality content, again…and again. Since most of your followers didn’t see your tweet the first time or the second time, it’s OK to use the same content over and over if it’s worth re-sharing.

At the end of the day you can use Twitter to help you get your next job. It will take work, just like any other endeavor that leads to any position. However, it is possible. If you follow the directions from this blog you’ll ultimately get where you want to go over time. Now, tweet well and prosper.

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