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Step By Step Guide On Getting A Job Through Your Online Presence

January 19, 2016

The competition for any job is fierce. While we all have more access to more opportunity than ever before, we all have more access to those opportunities. With all of our contributors telling us they receive thousands of applications for a single job post, it’s more critical than ever before to stand out.

In this blog we’ll cover:

  • How to build an online presence without spending money
  • Ways to make yourself a hot commodity EVEN straight out of school
  • The real things employers care about in your online profiles
  • Why anyone can do this but most people don’t

Step 1 — Build Your Own Website

When most people think about standing out online they immediately go to social media. While social media channels can be leveraged and are EXTREMELY valuable it’s a personal website which has the most value. There are a number of creative examples of online resume websites that have made a splash.

Robby Leonardi is a graphic designer and web developer. He created his resume website - to help him land a job. 

This website is incredible, but it’s made by a web designer. So if you’re not working in a creative field, or you don’t have a creative bone in your body, there are other options that anyone can create a beautiful online resume with. 

We recommend using either (free) or ($8/month) to help create your website.


While you won’t be able to create a website like Robby you will be able to fairly easily create something beautiful. Here are a couple examples of someone who created their own website without any developer knowledge.

Step 2 — Start Producing Content

Let’s say you’ve created a beautiful website using Squarespace or Wix. You’ve got a lot of information on the site about who you are and what you can bring to the table. It’s very likely whoever is looking at your website will still see you kind of like this…

It’s only through the creation of content that the viewer begins to see a clear picture of who you are and why you’re worth hiring. 

When we say content we don’t mean an online dream journal you call your ‘blog.’ Create content that’s interesting, engaging, and perhaps a little bit heretical to your field. If you’re not a writer that’s fine! Record lo-fi videos on a webcam and create a vlog. Buy a cheap mic and start recording podcasts which can become your content. 

If you’re like everyone else who’s never created content for their career purposes then you may be wondering where to start. We recommend looking through these sites to get some further information which will be EXTREMELY beneficial in creating: 

And this post from 

The more you create the better you become at producing content. The more content you have the better your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And all of this leads to that moment when you can say in the timeless words of Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money!”

Step 3 — The Right Social Media Approach

It’s no secret social media can be an incredible tool in building your online presence. How you use personal social channels versus social media channels to grow your online presence to get the next job is very different. All of our personal channels are filled with pictures of pets, BAEs, and that crazy awesome food we ate at that Thai restaurant.

Unfortunately posts like this...

 ...aren’t super effective in building your online presence.

So what should you post? And how in the world do find enough time to make it a routine part of your life?

First, the tools that help with consistent posting.

We recommend using Hootesuite or Buffer to help manage your posting schedule. Both offer free versions of their application to get you going, and the paid options for both start at a fairly cheap $10/month. But you can make the free versions of both go a long way.

Both have a mobile app as well to make posting more easy. Essentially they are both a scheduling software for you social media posts. That way you can plug your posts in on a Sunday night for the full week ahead of you and not worry about it after that.

The scheduling piece is easy and the backend of each website on a desktop or mobile device is easy to navigate.

The goals in using these tools is simply to cut down on the time you spend working on social media for your career, and to insure you have high quality content being pushed out on a regular basis.

Now… where to post AND what to post
Assuming you don’t live in the backcountry of Alaska with no internet access (how would you be reading this) you have multiple social media accounts right now. More than likely they are all for personal use and you don’t really want to use those channels for building an online presence to get your next job. So the first thing is to create places where you feel comfortable directing prospective employers.


This can be one of the easiest places to create an online presence for your career which is widely held as a professional platform builder. Create a Twitter handle which is different from your personal account, but can still be taken seriously.


This one is actually incredibly simple...create a Facebook page for your professional persona. Authors, speakers, and celebrities all have one so why not you? This will keep your career pursuit content separate from your day to day.


If you’re goofing off on LinkedIn you’ve missed the point of this channel. It’s built for professional networking and building your online presence. Make sure you have a professional looking photo and an up to date resume.

Content to post

Find content that’s relevant to your field and share it. In example if you’re an accountant you can search ‘accounting laws’ in Google and select ‘News.’ You’ll then see results related to that search from the most recent news results to the least recent.

You may also find some blog sites which consistently produce content which your field finds valuable.

It’s also important to note this is where all the content you produce becomes gold. Push out your blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and ideas through your social channels. Quote the book you’ve been reading and throw out what you’ve been working on.

Be smart with what you share and people will begin to see you as an expert in your field.

Step 5 — Repeat

Creating high quality content and showing up day after day will get you noticed. Most successful people you know showed up day after day. Keep creating, continue producing content, and show up. Build your online presence and it will help you find the job you’re pining for. 

Good luck!!


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