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The 4 Secrets Of People Who Always Get 'That' Job

April 21, 2015

In every group of friends there always seems to be that one person who lands any job they want. They skyrocket to success while leaving the rest of us to trudge through the process of climbing the corporate ladder. How do those people land the jobs everyone else wants faster? We asked some of the experts at Jobipedia for their insight on the secrets to highly successful entry-level candidates.

1. They network constantly

An expert from Hospira, Ellen, summed it up like this, “Network, network, network - even when you are not looking for your next opportunity. Cultivating relations with alumni associates, friends of friends, and business partners can help advance your career. Those that master the art of networking no matter the circumstances generally will always have the advantage.”

Every day you have opportunities to network. The question is whether or not you will take advantage of them? Anyone and everyone you come in contact with on any given day is a part of your network. You may be a very private person, but if you can make a lot of ‘friends’ you’ll end up having more opportunities to be ‘that person’ who gets all of ‘those’ jobs.

It’s important to treat your networking ventures like an everyday part of life. You’re not just building for your next job; you’re building a network for the rest of your life. Some work relationships can go sour, but casual friendships tend to last a long time if you nurture them.

2. They have a top notch resume

Stephanie from AT&T put it this way, “Think about what details you want to stand out to the person that sees your resume. What will land you the job? Is it your recent degree, courses and projects you did in class? Is it your volunteer work in your community or blog you write on the side? What sets you apart? Figure out what that is and lead with that.

You only get a few seconds of a recruiter’s attention, so think about how you want to pull them in and make them want to read more. You might also consider having a few different resumes and tailoring them based on a specific job or company. If you use the terminology in the job description it helps remind the reader that you are a potential match for job!”

Your resume needs to constantly evolve. Once you get a job, you should review and update it every 6 months. Successful individuals see resumes for what they are: an advertisement for themselves. Brilliant advertisements are built for a target demographic. Keep in mind that you are creating your resume for someone else to buy into you. Put yourself in their shoes. What is something about your experience, history, etc. that would make them want to call you for an interview? Those people who get ‘that’ job, have a resume that entices their reader to want to learn and hear more.

3. They over prepare for interviews

John, an expert from Textron succinctly conveyed a deep truth, “The key to interviews is preparation.”

Honestly, John couldn’t have said it better. Most entry-level job seekers go into an interview armed with a handful of topics they believe the interviewer will cover. They have answered the questions about strengths and weaknesses, but they haven’t taken it too far beyond that. Get to know the company you are interviewing with at a deeper level. What is their mission and vision statement? What’s the history of the company? Was there anything in the news about their company? Were you able to gather specifics about the job you're interviewing for online so you could ask direct questions?

Most people equate an interview to a big test, but that’s a rather poor parallel. Think of an interview more as an athletic competition. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Stay away from caffeine the day of the interview. Make sure you've practiced your answers and prepared questions. Visualize the interview in your head several times prior to the meeting.

4. They have excellent relationships with their current coworkers

Bryan at IBM offered these thoughts, “There are always more people to learn from, no matter where you are in your career. Instead of targeting folks whose jobs you covet, start learning about other parts of the business you work for. If you work in sales, meet people who work in human resources, or research. The more well-rounded your understanding of the business, the more versatile and agile you will be as you advance your career.  Also, don't forget to pay it forward in the future.”

It’s easier to be successful when everyone is cheering for you. More than likely you’ve held some kind of job prior to your dream job. If you want to be the person who gets the position most people crave, have good relationships with your coworkers. Not only will your coworkers open doors for you in networking, they can also provide invaluable insight into your character and work ethic. Your coworker's recommendation more often than not will push you over the top, because they have experience working you.

For some people these four secrets may not seem groundbreaking. However, the reality is most people don’t do all four—if any of them. It will be a lot of work if you take them seriously, but the pay off can be enormous. If you want to go from watching someone else be wildly successful, to becoming your own success story then invest your time and energy into all four of our secrets.

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