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Asked by Adam on February 20, 2015

I am very interested in making a career change. I am currently working in lead generation for a large company. I would like to do something more upbeat and with a bit more creativity and flair. I have a real interest in Marketing but I am unsure how to make this switch. What would you suggest the best way to make this transition? Are there any steps I should focus on?

American Express, Merck & Co., Hospira have responded.

This is a great question! If you are looking for a refresh or restart on career direction, there are a few things you can do to position yourself for a change.
First, focus on building your knowledge…

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Asked by nina on February 26, 2015

Hi, I'm currently making a career change from health to corporate. I'm enrolled in a Business Management BS & Marketing MBA program. What can I focus on in my resume to get my foot in the door?

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Any time that you are applying for a position for which you do not possess a great deal of on-the-job experience, it is critical for you to structure your resume in a way that emphasizes the other aspects of…

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Asked by K on February 20, 2015

I am interested in working with a hospitality company after graduation. Where should I start searching?

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Hello! I would start by doing an online search for hospitality jobs. I was able to locate two sites dedicated to open positions in the hospital industry: and Also,…

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Asked by Deshon on February 20, 2015

I'll be a junior after this semester and wanted to know what you recommend my very first step in securing a job when I graduate should be. Literally - the very first thing I should consider to help me get hired when I graduate in 2 years.

American Express, Verizon, DuPont, Textron have responded.

This is a great question and you're asking it at exactly the right time. If you are graduating in two years (2017), you will likely be eligible for most company summer internships in 2016, which can be…

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Asked by David on February 13, 2015

Is it acceptable for me to take vacation time within the first 6 months on the job? Is using vacation time, in general, valuable to my career or should I work more and take less time off?

ADM, Hospira, Mutual of Omaha, ManpowerGroup, Caterpillar have responded.

If you already had a vacation booked or know that you will need a particular day off, it is usually negotiable with your manager but it also depends on the company policy. It is valuable for you to be in the…

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