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Asked by Angel on November 23, 2015

Hello, I am a teacher with five years experience. I am currently studying for a MBA since I want to change careers, I would like to go into consultancy and I know as a fact that it is possible because I have met people who have done it. With these circumstances, what is the best way to break into the corporate world?

ManpowerGroup have responded.

Congratulations on pursuing your MBA- you'll have a variety of options for your next career step! There is no cookie cutter answer to your inquiry, rather, it should be a multi-pronged approach.

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Asked by Angel on November 21, 2015

Hello I am a teacher with almost five years teaching experience. I am currently on the second year of my MBA degree and I would like to change professions after I complete it. In the meantime I am applying for summer internships in order to gain some corporate experience, preferably in a consultancy firm. I am however finding it very difficult. It is appalling how the majority of firms can’t see the amount of transferable skills that teachers have. I am ready to take up the challenge, but there don’t seem to be companies interested. How can I break through and take the first step onto the corporate world? Thanks!!

Textron have responded.

Changing career paths can be challenging and very exciting and I think you are on the right path looking for a an appropriate internship.  When companies have hundreds of applicants it is often difficult…

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Asked by Sara on November 25, 2015

I have a master's degree in marketing and sales. I would like work at a big company to improve my career. Is an internship the best place to start?

Cardinal Health have responded.

Congratulations on your Master's degree! If you've already completed your degree, I would consider looking at entry-level jobs rather than an internship. An internship is often a great place to start if you're…

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Asked by Duke on November 19, 2015

I want to apply for a warehouse management supervisor position, hopefully something in logistics and supply chain. What kind of ability, skill and qualification do you need?

HP have responded.

Great question! All job descriptions map out the skill requirements and job qualifications, and some even add if additional “nice to have” or preferred skills. The job description also typically…

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Asked by Wolfram on November 18, 2015

I earned a bachelor degree in Physics and have been working for 7 years - 2 years for a NGO assistant and 5 years as a secondary school teaching assistant. Now reaching 30, I would like to search for a new direction in my career as I found the assistant job to be a dead end job. I have no clue on which career I should head for or where to start. Any suggestions?

American Express have responded.

It's always tough trying to figure out career paths. However, it's great that you're reaching out to gain advice and do your research. I would start with exploring your degree more to see if there are any potential…

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