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Asked by Duke on November 19, 2015

I want to apply for a warehouse management supervisor position, hopefully something in logistics and supply chain. What kind of ability, skill and qualification do you need?

HP, Mutual of Omaha, ADM, Gap Inc. have responded.

Great question! All job descriptions map out the skill requirements and job qualifications, and some even add if additional “nice to have” or preferred skills. The job description also typically…

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Asked by valerie on August 12, 2015

Most of my work experience is as a server in semi-fine dining and business casual restaurants. I have also worked briefly in clothing retail. I'm going back to school. I would like to no longer work in the restaurant industry because the late night hours are not conducive to a student's schedule. What "day time" jobs would you recommend based on my experience and also considering that I am paying for my own tuition. Any tips on how to transition? And how make my resume/ cover letter relevant and appealing?

Cigna, Hersheys, Pitney Bowes, Gap Inc. have responded.

Congratulations on making the decision to go back to school. Although not an easy decision, it is one that I think you will be happy that you did. Being a server is not an easy role, but if you are fortunate,…

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Asked by Laura on June 13, 2016

I applied to a graduate role which contains different job functions such as IT, analysis, maths and statistics, accounting etc At this stage I wouldn't be applying to an exact function. But I have been invited to attend an Open Day and an interview. I have never attended an open day as part of an application process for graduate school before. What can I expect to happen?

TransUnion, AT&T, Gap Inc. have responded.

Everyone does it a bit differently; however, I can provide a few things may experience and what to take from them.   

You will not be the only potential candidate there.  This…

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Asked by Alicia on June 9, 2016

I have little education and a lack of long term experience. What jobs will hire me? Can I be considered for jobs without years of experience required? I have little documented experience at some of my past jobs, but I'm a very hard working young woman? I can really do anything if I'm shown how, and I'm easy to train. I also have not earned my GED.

Emerson, Hersheys, Gap Inc. have responded.

My compliments to you for having a “can do” attitude.  Self-confidence is an important part of achieving any goal you set your mind to. 
There are many entry level jobs that would…

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Asked by Supreeth Konanur on June 7, 2016

After my graduation in industrial engineering it was eight month struggle to find a job at a manufacturing company as a trainee in marketing. Its already three months and I now feel that I really want to work as a production engineering rather than what I'm doing currently. Do I need to start looking a new job or continue working in this field just to gain more experience?

Emerson, Caterpillar have responded.

The good news is that you’re already actively working in the industry you’re interested in.  At this stage of your early career, being a recent grad, it is OK to pursue opportunities that best…

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