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Asked by Indira on October 10, 2014

I am finally a permanent resident, after I came to the US early this year. I had my international education credentials (a bachelor's degree in process engineering) and that my GPA is 2.7. I have experience (internship, government job and miscellaneous) but all from my home country. How good are my choices here? Should I look for a entry-level job, recent graduate, internship, co-op type of job? My English is very good but I still make silly mistakes, and since is been some time since I graduated, and had a job (I've been able to be homemaker since my husband makes good money). I feel I could use some advice. What resources can I use to refresh my skills? What do you recommend I pursue career wise?

Pitney Bowes, ManpowerGroup have responded.

It sounds like an exciting time in your life! If you are looking to get some practical applications…

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Asked by bra on October 25, 2014

How should I reboot my career after being fired?

Pitney Bowes, ManpowerGroup have responded.

I am so sorry to hear about your recent job loss. I know that it can be a turbulent time.  Although this may feel like a low point in your career, it can actually be a blessing in disguise. Most often…

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Asked by Latricia on October 26, 2014

In terms of background checks, is there a reason so many employers refuse to hire a person with a felony regardless of the circumstances of the crime committed?

Mutual of Omaha, ManpowerGroup have responded.

Some industries, like insurance companies and banks, are prohibited by laws of employing certain types of felony convictions. For example, the Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act of 1994 prohibits…

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Asked by Jacki on October 24, 2014

I just moved to a new state. I have had several interviews. Two positions I turned down. In some ways I regret turning them down, but I had my reasons. I have never been unemployed for more than two months. Now? It is approaching four months. It's funny but with my experience, I am still told I don't have the education, etc. of what a company is looking for in a candidate--even though I can do the job. So, after age 40--do I go back to school? I have both a BA and an MA degree. I think about going back to school, but I just don't know how valuable it is at this point. I hear that "older people" are taking jobs that younger people held...yet, this doesn't seem to ring true.

Pitney Bowes have responded.

If you already have an MA and a BA then it wouldn’t seem necessary to go back to school. Normally if you have the experience and a Master’s degree you are good to go.  However…

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Asked by shaylee on October 27, 2014

What is a good job for a teenager who is also earning a GEd? What like of work would help me the most after I receive my GEd?

ADM, Pitney Bowes have responded.

My suggestion would be anything customer service based; retail, food server or hostess, call center etc.. Typically any career you choose to go into a solid background in customer service is a great foundation…

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