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Asked by Santiago on February 19, 2018

I would like to become a teacher or a graduate school professor. What's the best track to achieve this? Do I need to go back to school for a masters degree, or should I grow and gain experience at an educational company?

Merck & Co., Avery Dennison have responded.

This could be a great question for your college / university Career Services office. Most universities would require you to obtain a PhD or a doctorate degree in the field that you would like to teach, especially…

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Asked by Deepak on December 21, 2018

So, I am a fresher with an MBA (will complete in May 2019). I don't know, what Industry or company or job profile I should apply for. I want to know the process to know what I will be able to do best. I did marketing course (Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Services Marketing, etc.) for I they were interesting and I enjoy learning. But, how to know what industry will be best for me?

Daikin Applied, Cardinal Health, Textron have responded.

Good question!  Start reading through job descriptions and research companies to see if the industry is of interest to you.  By doing that, you should be able to narrow down the scope of the role…

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Asked by Steve on September 4, 2017

When I was 22, I became a convicted felon over some pretty serious and hurtful choices I made in life. I ended up being incarcerated until the age of 33; I am 36 now. Since my release, I have worked hard to move forward with my life and make positive decisions for myself and others – I’ve stayed crime-free, I have gotten an Associate’s Degree, and I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree currently. I was also fortunate to find an entry level job; one which I was able to get promoted several times due to my hard-work and dedication. However, the company I worked for was bought by a much larger company that doesn’t allow felons to work in any higher sort of capacity, so basically I am stuck where I am at and don’t have any future prospects for job growth. So, I find myself looking at the possibility of finding other employment: My questions are as follows:1.Is there anything that I can do to mitigate my criminal past somewhat when it comes to future employment? 2.Are there any fields or companies who may be willing to look past my bad choices and give me a chance?Thanks for your response!

Eaton, ADM have responded.

First off good for you for changing your life around and focusing on being the person now, that your younger self needed then. Hopefully you can be an example to other young people who are facing challenges…

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Asked by Tanya on March 2, 2018

What are some non-traditional jobs I could consider with an IT degree?

Tenneco, HP have responded.

Hello and thanks for your question. 
In all fairness I have minimimal experience with IT jobs.  I can tell you that having worked in careers services while in college I learned that many Universities…

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Asked by Tyler on June 8, 2018

I am about to enroll for a Masters in Sustainable Solutions focusing on Food Systems. What kind of internships or jobs would be available for this type of degree?

Textron, HP have responded.

Hello! First of all great question and congrats to you for wanting to continue your education! I think a good starting point would be to call someone within career services at the school you want to enroll…

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