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Asked by Akash on April 20, 2015

I am a graduate student at New York University with major in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship. I will be graduating in May'15. I have experience working both in biotech and management. I am interested in working in biotechnology research and also I am gaining required programming skills to work as a Business Analyst in healthcare sector. Please, advice me which path should I take? Thanks!

Emerson, Hospira, Merck & Co. have responded.

It is so wonderful that you have well-rounded experience in biotech, management, and programming! Having experience in several areas within any industry will open way more doors and opportunities for you to…

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Asked by lora on April 21, 2015

I am not sure about a career choice and would like advice on what to do? I am interested in psychology/counseling, English, nursing and teaching elementary/preschool/early childhood. My personality is introverted and I can be very shy/soft spoken at times, but I am also very observational and am a good listener. I have a need to help people, but I also love working with children and have interests in the beauty field. I am currently getting my aesthetics license from a cosmetology school, but I do not think this career is the one I want to work on all my life or as my main career. Any advice/direction you can offer would be great.

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It's great that you have such varied interests and curiosity about learning new things. Your can begin to narrow down your career pursuits by finding alignment between your current degree pursuit, your strongest…

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Asked by Vishnuprasad on May 1, 2015

I am an international student pursuing an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Southern California. Would obtaining an EIT certificate/license help me in my job/internship search?

Asurion, Avery Dennison, ADM have responded.

The answer is: it depends. In order to answer your question, I'd advise you to search for profiles on LinkedIn of professionals in the career path you desire to enter into. Look at their education and certification…

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Asked by Mohsin on April 21, 2015

Is a second Bachelor in Computer Science better than Master in Chemical Engineering in terms of job opportunities for an international student with BS in Chemical Engineering from City College, given the current job market and H1B visa situation in US?

Eaton, ManpowerGroup have responded.

It is not so easy as to say what is the better degree but usually whether or not you have the right experience.  If you want to stay within the chemical engineering field then you should pursue your Master's…

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Asked by Tomi on April 20, 2015

What should I do to figure out what is best for me career wise?

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The first thing to do is ask yourself what you are passionate about and what you really like to do that will also pay you a salary to meet your financial needs.  If the answer is "I don't know" there are…

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