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Asked by Tobi on November 19, 2015

I am have a degree in Mathematics and already opted for a masters in operation research. Do you think I stand a change to be employed as a financial or business analyst? I don't have a CFA or CBA, but plan to get those certifications in the near future.

Gap Inc., Eaton, Hersheys have responded.

If you are passionate about the analyst positions, and are willing to start in an entry level position you should find opportunities that are available without the certifications. Once in the position…

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Asked by Manuel on May 2, 2016

Who should I have review my resume? Also, can you direct me on ways to improve my skills through training in my 30s?

Daikin Applied, AT&T, Hersheys, Cardinal Health have responded.

Hello,  I would recommend partnering with individuals who have an HR background to review your resume.  Additionally, each state has a workforce center who are happy to assist with reviewing and providing…

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Asked by James on April 17, 2016

I was wondering how to get a more interesting, lucrative job in my field of major with more of a future when I only have experience in a pizza restaurant (2 years full time asst manager, 3 yrs part time supervisor)? I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and an AS in Business Administration. I'm not interested in food service, retail, sales, or manufacturing. Am I being too picky? I've put in enough time at a dead end job with no future which I'm beginning to hate.

AT&T, Avery Dennison, ADM have responded.

There is really no point in not trying to live the dream.  What do we all want?  We want a job that is interesting, dynamic, innovative, creative, challenging and heck yeah we want it to be lucrative. …

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Asked by Ryne on April 26, 2016

I've recently graduated law school and I'm exploring my options as to alternative careers before I begin practicing law. I have a diverse and unique skill set that would be productive and profitable to many companies. How do I best market myself to my target audience? How do I best determine my target audience?

ADP, Cigna, Daikin Applied have responded.

Having a JD is a stellar credential, one that is not easy to obtain.  I would suggest that you first determine what it is that  you want to do.  Then, edit your resume to bring attention to your…

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Asked by Hickory on April 14, 2016

I went to school and got a bachelors in Professional Aviation Flight Technology. I thought all I wanted to do was be a pilot. Once out of school, I realized that flying full time is not for me. I realized that I really enjoyed the logistics side of aviation. I'm hoping to try and get a job involved with Supply Chain. I'm told I'm a risky hire. How do I get a business to take a chance on me?

Avery Dennison, ADP have responded.

Hi there!

That's a great question.  And, it's right up my alley!

I was in a similar situation not long ago.  I went to school and studied Music Business.  But, after 2 years…

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