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Asked by Isha on January 13, 2015

Hi I am currently MBA student, with background in Arts. I realize that it will be good to learn some IT since the IT market is in demand. What kind of courses/training should I do which might help me to get a job along with my MBA? I don't have any computer science training. And if possible can you also let me know from where should I do such courses? Thank you!

ManpowerGroup have responded.

What an interesting topic of discussion! I suppose there are really two questions here…
Are you hoping to work in some sort of IT role, and/or within an IT environment/company?
Asked by chad on December 3, 2014

How competitive is the financial industry for a first time job seeker with a bachelor's degree?

Fifth Third Bank, Textron, Mutual of Omaha have responded.

Overall, it would appear that the market has definitely shifted to be less of an employer’s market and more of a job seeker’s market. So you may find the odds more favorable for job seekers now…

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Asked by Christian on January 14, 2015

I realize the immense benefit of having the experience of an internship, but unfortunately I do not. That's not to say I haven't tried. I'm wondering what I should concentrate my energy on. Should I pursue an internship in my field or continue to focus on getting an entry level job? The answer will probably be both and to choose whichever comes first. My real question is can I really except a decent (relative term I know) entry level job without the experience of an internship?

Hersheys, Avery Dennison, Caterpillar have responded.

You are correct that you should continue to look for both, however our internships are only available to current students. Other companies may have a different policy, but if you have already graduated just…

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Asked by Kevin on December 27, 2014

Hi Everyone, I’m a recent college graduate and I’m currently preparing for several job fairs that my University will be hosting. From what I’ve heard from recruiters on campus, there seems to be many new college graduates that are not prepared for the workforce. I’d like to avoid those pitfalls and I was wondering, as HR professionals, what would you consider to be some of the problems that you might be having with a new hire? I’d like to avoid these pitfalls and I think that asking HR professionals directly would help to give me the best insight such that I can do as well as possible in a new job. Thank you kindly for your help!

Cardinal Health, Textron, Praxair have responded.

I don’t have any direct experience with pitfalls I have seen with recent college graduates once they begin a job but I will offer some advice for your initial conversation with a recruiter. It is important…

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Asked by Michael on December 22, 2014

I graduated with honors in Liberal Arts, and my associates degree is geared toward psychology. What recommendations would you have for me to find a higher paying job with my degree?

Pitney Bowes, ManpowerGroup, Praxair have responded.

Congratulations! Graduating with honors is not an easy thing to do. Now as far as finding a career that is high paying…that is a million dollar questions. No pun intended. It depends on what you mean…

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