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Asked by Wolfram on November 18, 2015

I earned a bachelor degree in Physics and have been working for 7 years - 2 years for a NGO assistant and 5 years as a secondary school teaching assistant. Now reaching 30, I would like to search for a new direction in my career as I found the assistant job to be a dead end job. I have no clue on which career I should head for or where to start. Any suggestions?

American Express, Hersheys have responded.

It's always tough trying to figure out career paths. However, it's great that you're reaching out to gain advice and do your research. I would start with exploring your degree more to see if there are any potential…

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Asked by Tobi on November 19, 2015

I am have a degree in Mathematics and already opted for a masters in operation research. Do you think I stand a change to be employed as a financial or business analyst? I don't have a CFA or CBA, but plan to get those certifications in the near future.

Gap Inc., Eaton have responded.

If you are passionate about the analyst positions, and are willing to start in an entry level position you should find opportunities that are available without the certifications. Once in the position…

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Asked by Isha on December 8, 2015

Are there any certificates or courses in marketing that will catapult my career in marketing job search? Thank you!

American Express, HP, Pitney Bowes have responded.


Great question! Many universities or higher education institutions will offer individual courses or certificate programs for specific industries. If you're starting from scratch, maybe take…

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Asked by marcia on December 4, 2015

I'm a Recruitment Program Manager with a small firm and I'm seeking to transition to a larger company in an operations role such as a Operation Manager. I find it to be challenging because I've not held the title of Operations Manager yet I'm doing the work. Any suggestions how to make this transition?

AT&T, ManpowerGroup, Caterpillar have responded.

As you are in recruiting, you know as well as anyone it can be tough to get your details in front of the right set of eyes.  First off, make sure your resume as well as your online profiles represent the…

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Asked by Duke on November 19, 2015

I want to apply for a warehouse management supervisor position, hopefully something in logistics and supply chain. What kind of ability, skill and qualification do you need?

HP, Mutual of Omaha have responded.

Great question! All job descriptions map out the skill requirements and job qualifications, and some even add if additional “nice to have” or preferred skills. The job description also typically…

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