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Asked by Jessica on August 10, 2016

Has an employee ever been hired from their LinkedIn page or from a new LinkedIn connection?

Hersheys, HPE, HP, AT&T, Cardinal Health, ADP have responded.

Great question! Yes, I have actually found quite of few candidates from LinkedIn who ended up getting hired. Lots of recruiters use LinkedIn as a source to find potential candidates. It is possible and LinkedIn…

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Asked by David on August 10, 2016

I just accepted a job offer at an incredible company. What are some things I should do in my first week on the job? How should I prepare for my new position over the next couple weeks before I start?

ADP, Cigna, Caterpillar, AT&T have responded.

Such a great mindset you have so early on in your career. Depending on the full-time job, I recommend reaching out to your manager and letting them know how excited you are and if there is anything you could…

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Asked by Alison on August 9, 2016

I just received a degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) and am looking into employment options. Seeing as BME is a newer field, many companies do not advertise directly for a BME in their job listings. What other industries are available to biomedical engineers? And what are some nontraditional companies interested in a biomedical engineers?

HPE have responded.

From what I know about this field is that it is pretty wide in options and it depends what you want to do with this degree. For example, hands-on technical option you can look for biomedical equipment…

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Asked by Tiff on July 25, 2016

I need to keep my summer part-time job through my fall semester because my finances are terrible and I'm worried I'm going to be in debt forever. I work at a clothing store at the mall and was wondering what I could be doing with my current job to prepare myself for something more corporate after graduation (graduating this spring). Thanks for your help! I'm glad I found this site :)

HPE, Cigna, Hersheys, Accenture have responded.

Good question. Many students work part time outside the corporate world while in college and that is understandable.
My recommendation is think about transferable skills you can talk about in your…

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Asked by Hickory on April 14, 2016

I went to school and got a bachelors in Professional Aviation Flight Technology. I thought all I wanted to do was be a pilot. Once out of school, I realized that flying full time is not for me. I realized that I really enjoyed the logistics side of aviation. I'm hoping to try and get a job involved with Supply Chain. I'm told I'm a risky hire. How do I get a business to take a chance on me?

Avery Dennison, ADP, HPE have responded.

Hi there!

That's a great question.  And, it's right up my alley!

I was in a similar situation not long ago.  I went to school and studied Music Business.  But, after 2 years…

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Blog post on March 2, 2015

How to Change Careers

The author wrote...

Changing careers is common for many people. Whether you’ve simply discovered you actually hate your current career path or your industry has made it impossible for you to continue being employed...

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Blog post on February 26, 2015

5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

The author wrote...

You found the perfect job opening. It has all the elements you desire: compensation, corporate culture, and location are all in line with your dream job...

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Blog post on February 23, 2015

Coffee Fiends In The Workplace

The author wrote...

Coffee is a national pastime for millions of people in the US. From the first cup shortly after the alarm goes off in the morning, to the 3pm refuel we’re a country that loves our bitter caffeinated beverages...

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Blog post on February 20, 2015

The Balancing Act Of Vacation Time

The author wrote...

Vacation time can be a difficult subject to deal with in the workplace. Most companies have a set amount of paid time off based on various elements that designate a person’s ‘right’ to more or less vacation...

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Blog post on February 17, 2015

How To Work With People You Genuinely Dislike

The author wrote...

The workspace can be a place of inspiration and joy, filled with people who you deeply appreciate. Your office can also be a drudgery littered with various individuals who you’d rather not see twice let alone every day...

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