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Asked by jaime on April 30, 2013

My girlfriend is moving to take a new job after college. I don't have a job in that town but will move with her and try to get interviews lined up. I'm anticipating that I'll be asked why I decided to move to that place since it's not a huge town. Should I say that I am moving for her or does that seem like a naive thing to say? Any tips on how to sound more thoughtful or mature while answering that?

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Be honest and explain this was a career decision the both of you made as a couple. Research the job market in that area, this will support the reasons behind the decision to move with her and not because…

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Asked by iris on June 25, 2014

I want to go back to school for cosmetology, so I can change careers, but I still owe my student loans and I'm currently paying on them, is there a possibility that I can apply for scholarships, or am I out of luck here? Thanks for your response

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Great question!  I think your best bet is to speak with the Financial Aid department of the cosmetology school that you are applying to.  They are the experts!  I am sure they can provide different…

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Asked by Alex'Zandra on October 21, 2014

HI i recently graduated with my B.S. in Poultry Science. I am currently working in a Management position in the Athletic Department of my college. I am wanting to get into the poultry industry in possibly human resource, sales, or marketing. What are my options in doing a entry level position in one of theses areas?

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Very interesting question! I think you need to do two different things to try and obtain an entry-level role within Poultry Sciences, but this advice really applies to *any* new grad who is trying to break…

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Asked by Jacki on October 24, 2014

I just moved to a new state. I have had several interviews. Two positions I turned down. In some ways I regret turning them down, but I had my reasons. I have never been unemployed for more than two months. Now? It is approaching four months. It's funny but with my experience, I am still told I don't have the education, etc. of what a company is looking for in a candidate--even though I can do the job. So, after age 40--do I go back to school? I have both a BA and an MA degree. I think about going back to school, but I just don't know how valuable it is at this point. I hear that "older people" are taking jobs that younger people held...yet, this doesn't seem to ring true.

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If you already have an MA and a BA then it wouldn’t seem necessary to go back to school. Normally if you have the experience and a Master’s degree you are good to go.  However…

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Asked by Free on October 29, 2014

I am at a career road block in my life. I graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in Biology. At that time my intentions were to go to medical school. For personal reasons I did not go to medical school and instead after graduation I became a manager of a clothing store. After that I began working in library development, which is the field that I am still working in and have been in for the last six years. At this point I am looking to make a career change for the better and can not think of a career that would be good for me. Friends have told me yet again to find a job using my biology degree but I have not had any luck. Any advice or readings or whatever would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for your question.  

My first suggestion to you is to better understand what type of work is satisfying to you.  Determine what you like to do and then find out what type of positions…

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