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Asked by Tanya on August 31, 2015

Are particular types of study abroad programs more compelling resume items than others (i.e. varying lengths of stay, language immersion, community involvement while there)?

AT&T, Textron have responded.

Hi there! Study abroad experiences can be a truly amazing part of your educational journey.  You listed some good things in your question, but maybe another way to think about it is how does the experience…

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Asked by Second on September 1, 2015

What is the best way to go about picking out a major? College is so expensive, I don't want to make a mistake.

American Express, Cigna have responded.


Great question! It's always tough to select the correct major that matches well with your future career. Please note sometimes it's very normal to change your mind on finding…

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Asked by Tanya on September 1, 2015

Will strong extracurricular activity experience compensate for lower grades or lack of work experience?

AT&T, Cigna have responded.

Hi there!  GPA requirements are truly a case by case requirement.  Almost always, if there is a specific number that has to be hit, it will be there in black and white in the job description. …

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Asked by Tanya on August 30, 2015

What kinds of activities outside of classroom work are employers looking for?

Worthington, Gap Inc., American Express have responded.

It depends on the role in which you are seeking but typically any community/volunteer experience, professional memberships, tutoring, fraternity/sorority membership, etc. This will show initiative and involvement…

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Asked by Tanya on August 29, 2015

What basic entry-level skills do new hires often lack?

Asurion have responded.

A recent study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities showed that 85% of employers desire their hires to have strong oral and written communication skills; 83% value strong teamwork ability;…

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