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Asked by Tenisha on March 9, 2018

I interviewed for a job 3 weeks ago. The interview went well. I sent a thank you letter and had a good rapport with the recruiter. A few days ago I received an email thanking me for the interview and that I was still being considered for the position and they would have a decision in a few weeks. What does this mean besides the obvious? Are they still interviewing? Is there anything I can do in the meantime to help my chances of getting hired?

AT&T, BNYMellon have responded.

While it’s impossible to speak to another company's hiring practices, it sounds like you’re still in the running. There are a number of reasons for a delay, and most of the time they are nothing…

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Asked by Tanya on April 15, 2018

If I am thinking of transferring internally within my company, should I try to keep that fact secret from my immediate supervisors or can I be open about it?

Worthington, Textron, ADM have responded.

Hello! Often times people want to switch departments within the same company, and most of the time that's a great thing. It gives you exposure to a different part of the business and overall should make you…

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Asked by Tanya on April 14, 2018

Should I use my university email when emailing recruiters or is my personal email account sufficient? What if I don’t have a university email account?

Textron have responded.

I would recommend using whichever email you check more frequently! In my opinion, it doesn't matter if it's your email through school or personal, the important thing is that they can reach you. Make sure that…

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Asked by Tanya on March 31, 2018

What would be your top five characteristics of a great resume?

Worthington, Merck & Co., AT&T have responded.

My top 5 for students would be 1. organization 2. measurable metrics 3. previous experience 4. campus involvement 5. major and GPA.  It's important to be able to quickly look at a resume…

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Asked by Tanya on April 6, 2018

How often do employers rely on keyword searches when looking at resumes? Should I pad my resume with key words at the top?

AT&T have responded.

Hi there - you are smart to think about what your resume is saying to a potential future employer.  Of course keyword searches are one of the things a savvy recruiter is going to use when sourcing talented…

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