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Asked by Katherine on September 10, 2017

What are some practical things that impress an employer in an interview? i.e. firm handshake, key phrases, etc..

Merck & Co., Accenture, ADM have responded.

For me, one of the best things that a candidate can do in an interview is to answer the interviewer's questions clearly, concisely, and by providing solid examples. I am always impressed when a candidate can…

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Asked by Catherine on October 16, 2017

I had an internship that I had to leave so that I go back to school and I'm interested in interning there again. What are good ways to get my employers to consider me again?

Textron, Cardinal Health, ADM have responded.

The first step is reach out and make contact.  Showing interest gets you back in the loop with updates on openings.  If the employer does not know you are interested, then you are not floating in…

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Asked by Kristen on October 18, 2017

Does participation and/or leadership in clubs and organizations have any impact on an employer when reviewing applications and resumes? If so, how much? Is it as important as major, GPA, internship experience, work, etc.?

Worthington, DuPont, AT&T, Emerson have responded.

I would say that internships would carry the most weight; showing that you've had hands on experience within the field. GPA is also important, but not a huge determining factor. I think it is always a “plus’…

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Asked by Maggie on October 19, 2017

I have built a strong professional network in my college town. However, for my career, I want to move abroad after graduation. What are some suggestions for building a network outside of my geographical region?

Merck & Co., AT&T, Grace have responded.

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to get involved with any professional organizations or societies that are related to your major or field of study. Many of those organizations are international, and can…

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Asked by David on November 16, 2017

I'll be heading home for winter break soon; how should I take advantage of this time and work on networking while I'm home?

Emerson, Textron, AT&T, Quest have responded.

Winter Breaks are a fantastic time to do groundwork for future employment opportunities, especially if you are looking to return to your hometown when searching for those roles.
A good place to start…

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