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Asked by Harsha on October 31, 2016

I have completed my masters in aerospace engineering and currently looking for entry level positions in the field of mechanical and aerospace engineering. I am an international student. I have been applying for a number of positions, but no responses. Could I be looking the wrong places? Any suggestions on how I should modify my search would be much appreciated.

AT&T, VFC, Textron have responded.

Congratulations on completing your degree.  I'd like to offer you some advice that is pertinent across the job spectrum.  Networking and helping people in your industry associate your name with great…

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Asked by David on September 5, 2016

I work at a very large company. I've got a number of friends who work in my department, but I'd like to connect with more people in the company. How do I go about engaging the much larger corporate community?

Emerson, Cardinal Health, Caterpillar, AT&T, ADP, ADM have responded.

Hello and thanks for the question! Networking for social or career reasons is an important way to stay engaged in a role or a company. While it often times seems daunting, simple steps can help you engage with…

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Asked by Jessica on August 10, 2016

Has an employee ever been hired from their LinkedIn page or from a new LinkedIn connection?

Hersheys, HPE, HP, AT&T, Cardinal Health, ADP, Merck & Co. have responded.

Great question! Yes, I have actually found quite of few candidates from LinkedIn who ended up getting hired. Lots of recruiters use LinkedIn as a source to find potential candidates. It is possible and LinkedIn…

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Asked by Stephanie on July 25, 2016

How do you find a new job with a limited network?

Cardinal Health, Cigna, American Express, ADP have responded.

You do not need to have a large network to find a job. Sure, it can sometimes help, but your experience and skills are equally as important. Knowing that your resume will be your first impression during your…

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Blog post on March 2, 2015

How to Change Careers

The author wrote...

Changing careers is common for many people. Whether you’ve simply discovered you actually hate your current career path or your industry has made it impossible for you to continue being employed...

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Blog post on February 26, 2015

5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

The author wrote...

You found the perfect job opening. It has all the elements you desire: compensation, corporate culture, and location are all in line with your dream job...

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Blog post on February 23, 2015

Coffee Fiends In The Workplace

The author wrote...

Coffee is a national pastime for millions of people in the US. From the first cup shortly after the alarm goes off in the morning, to the 3pm refuel we’re a country that loves our bitter caffeinated beverages...

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Blog post on February 20, 2015

The Balancing Act Of Vacation Time

The author wrote...

Vacation time can be a difficult subject to deal with in the workplace. Most companies have a set amount of paid time off based on various elements that designate a person’s ‘right’ to more or less vacation...

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Blog post on February 17, 2015

How To Work With People You Genuinely Dislike

The author wrote...

The workspace can be a place of inspiration and joy, filled with people who you deeply appreciate. Your office can also be a drudgery littered with various individuals who you’d rather not see twice let alone every day...

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Asked by Rebecca on February 11, 2014

Would you ever be willing to make an exception on a GPA requirement for an internship? If so, for what reasons?

Cardinal Health, Textron, HCA, American Express, Cigna have responded.

At Cardinal Health, we have recommended GPA guidelines on all of our internship postings. Typically, we try to adhere to those guidelines, however, on occasion, we do make exceptions. The most common times…

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