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Asked by Sarah on August 31, 2018

Who should a cover letter be addressed to if you are unsure who the hiring manager is?

Cardinal Health, Worthington, Daikin Applied have responded.

Great question! A cover letter does not need to be addressed to a specific person unless you know who the recruiter or hiring manager is. It is acceptable (and common) to address as "To Whom it May Concern".…

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Asked by J.M. on June 3, 2018

During college I spent most of my summers taking extra courses and conducting field research either individually or with a couple different professors, but it was never paid work or an internship per say.  I got course credits for it, but will my lack of formal internship experience hurt my chances of landing a job?

DuPont, Textron, ADP have responded.

Hello and great question! What I typically suggest in this case is to list that time on your resume as "Volunteer." It does help to have formal internship experience but as long as you list your field research…

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Asked by Kristin on October 7, 2018

When beginning to interview, what is the most important type of experience to be able to discuss when interviewing for a marketing position?

Daikin Applied, Textron, ADP have responded.

Thank you for reaching out!  When starting to interview it is important to discuss relevant experience.  In a perfect world, it would be an internship or career shadow experience.  A close second…

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Asked by Lindsey on December 17, 2018

Hi! I am a senior in college. I was wondering if it is important that include where I went to high school on my resume? 

Cardinal Health, Pitney Bowes, ADP have responded.

Great question! Now that you are a senior, I would recommend removing anything related to high school from your resume. It's common for freshmen and sophomores with limited experience to include their high…

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Asked by Tommy on May 18, 2018

Should I put my references’ contact information directly on my resume?

Tenneco, VFC, Textron have responded.

I have not worked in Career Services for quite some time, but I was taught that it was not necessary.  Typically if an organization needs references they will ask for them.  You are usually…

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