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Asked by April on April 28, 2016

Your blog post about the four points on your resume mentions that an objective should be used on the resume. We're reading a lot of articles stating that professional statements or profiles should be used instead of objectives. Do you support this advice?

Caterpillar have responded.

When constructing your resume, it is critical to think of it from a marketing point of view.  You have a personal brand and the resume is one piece of sales or marketing material that is used to sell your…

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Asked by Quantika on April 27, 2016

I am currently applying for several different positions. Should my career objective match the different positions that i'm applying for?

Avery Dennison, Caterpillar have responded.


The short answer - yes.  You want to cater your resume as much as possible to the role that you are applying to.  

But, with that said, I wouldn't necessarily advise that you…

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Asked by Ryne on April 26, 2016

I've recently graduated law school and I'm exploring my options as to alternative careers before I begin practicing law. I have a diverse and unique skill set that would be productive and profitable to many companies. How do I best market myself to my target audience? How do I best determine my target audience?

ADP, Cigna have responded.

Having a JD is a stellar credential, one that is not easy to obtain.  I would suggest that you first determine what it is that  you want to do.  Then, edit your resume to bring attention to your…

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Asked by Elena on April 26, 2016

I am currently applying for grad school for a Master Degree in Marketing. I don't feel confident in my resume. I have a Master of Science in Finance, but all my current experiences are serving or bartending. I have 2 years experience from back home in Sales and Marketing, I've set up two stores on Ebay and Etsy, and did some small sales. Can you offer me any suggestions on how to create my resume with all this work experience to best support my application for graduate school?

Emerson, Cigna have responded.

Even though a grad school resume may be formatted with similar categories, or sections, as a job search resume – the message of the grad document should be targeted toward the admissions committee…

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Asked by Lyra on April 25, 2016

Due to company policy my boss is unable to hire a new secretary and has regulated some of the secretarial tasks to me. I would like to add the secretarial skills on my resume, but I'm concerned that when it comes time to verify my listed skills my boss is going to deny that I did those tasks since my official job description does not include secretarial work. Should I list the secretarial skills under "other skills" or some other type of category?

Textron, Emerson, Cardinal Health, Hersheys have responded.

I suggest keeping the secretarial skills learned under your description of your job. In the event that you are asked about the secretarial work, it is a great time to showcase your ability to adapt on the fly…

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