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Asked by Brittany on March 1, 2019

How should I prepare myself for an interview?

Avery Dennison, Worthington, HPE have responded.

Congratulations on moving forward to an interview!  Depending on the type of interview (phone, in person, video), there are ways you can prepare yourself.  Start by doing research on the company. …

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Asked by Brittany on March 1, 2019

While looking for jobs should I look for something that actually makes me happy or should I look for something with a high salary to financially support myself?

ADM, HPE have responded.

Compensation only goes so far to inspire you to work to the best of your capability.  You should to be in a role that you truly enjoy and are able to be passionate about what you do. …

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Asked by Jake on March 11, 2019

When I graduated from University I joined a competitive leadership development program. Three years later I am at the same band-level as when I started, with the same promise of rapid career advancement. I have been getting stellar reviews but no guarantee for career growth. I recently received a competitive external offer and now I have a dilemma- can I use this as leverage for a promotion?

DuPont, AT&T have responded.

Congratulations on your offer! You can absolutely use it to leverage a promotion with your current role. However, ask yourself which role would be more fulfilling and beneficial to your career. This is an ideal…

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Asked by Brittany on March 1, 2019

What should I do if I keep getting denied for internships?

Avery Dennison, Cardinal Health, Worthington have responded.

Being denied for an internship is tough and if it continues to happen don't despair, there are a few things you can do.  If your college has career services, reach to them and ask them to review your resume…

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Asked by caitlynn on March 9, 2019

Hi! So a couple of weeks ago, I applied to a sports bar online and they got back to me yesterday morning on messenger and said “Hi if you are still interested in the position please stop by at your convenience and fill out a paper application so we can further our process.” What exactly does this mean? Do they plan on hiring me? I’m going to fill out their application in person later today.

VFC, Worthington have responded.

I wouldn't say they plan on hiring you, they are just interested in taking you to the next step.  It is common for restaurants/bars to have paper applications, they want you to fill them out in person. …

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