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Asked by Kasey on October 9, 2015

How do I find my passion?

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This is a great question that many people struggle with as they get close to starting and graduating school.  My recommendation would be to explore many options, take classes outside of your…

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Asked by Kumar on October 9, 2015

What is the best way to answer the questions, "Tell me about yourself" and "Run through your CV" ?

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This is something that usually happens at the beginning of the interview.  What the interviewer is generally trying to to do here is to get into more detail about the information that was listed on your…

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Asked by Gavin on October 8, 2015

I am a junior in college earning a degree in Mandarin Chinese. I would like to find an internship for this summer but I'm not sure what internships previous students with a degree similar to mine have had. Is there an internship that is relevant to my degree that anyone has come across before? Or recommendations on what a good internship for me might be?

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You are definitely doing the right thing by focusing on getting an internship that is directly related to what your passion and education are targeting. Try using intern blogs, or websites entering in…

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Asked by Natasha on October 6, 2015

Hi! A recruiter told me that I would be hard to place as IT Support or Technical Writer because I don't have enough IT experience/knowledge. I've worked in the IT industry 3 years as Tier 1, Trainer, and Training Coordinator for a major corporation. I can't afford more education. What kinds of companies tend to go for jack of all trades and pays a decent salary?

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Without your specific information it would be tough to tell you exactly what your situation is, but I can tell you with certainty that one of the best ways to find a job that is outside of your exact qualifications…

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Asked by Devin on October 5, 2015

Is it okay to add a seasonal job position (retail) on a resume?

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Great question! At the end of the day a seasonal job is still a job, so I would put it on your resume. The most important thing one can gain from a seasonal job is experience. Employers want to know –…

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