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Asked by T on May 25, 2016

What are ways college students can get leadership/management experience so they could have the opportunity to be put in leadership positions straight out of college?

Avery Dennison have responded.

Hi there!

Great question - I'm glad you asked now!  So many people get a degree and expect to be placed in leadership positions without any prior experience.  I'm glad that you're taking…

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Asked by Barbara on May 25, 2016

Is it okay to report someone who isn't following rules? Or should I try to handle the situation myself before escalating to someone more senior?

ManpowerGroup have responded.

Great question, especially when the situation can be sticky! The fact that you are looking out for your organization is a sign of a true leader, so I will start with that. What I would do, is approach the person…

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Asked by Julie on May 24, 2016

What are some tips to make sure I'm effectively communicating with my colleagues and bosses?

AT&T, Cardinal Health, ADP have responded.

Wow!  Great question!  Effective communication finds its roots in a couple of key ingredients, and not working from that foundation can lead to misunderstanding and inefficiency. 


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Asked by Tejas on May 23, 2016

I have a bachelor's in computer science and a master's in operations management from India. I came to the USA last year. I am applying for programming jobs but not getting call backs. Should I pursue a MS in Computer Science to help my chances? Or should I try to get an online certificate? Are internships a better choice?

Emerson have responded.

Before you go and spend money on more education and training, please know that there are so many factors to consider on why your resume is not grabbing any attention or leading to interviews.  Provided…

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Asked by T on May 21, 2016

I just finished my freshman year, and I will be starting an internship soon. What can I start doing now to get lots of job offers and/or a high paying salary after I graduate?

Worthington, Textron, Hersheys have responded.

Congrats on finishing your first year of college and internship opportunity. It looks like you are well on your way to building your resume and setting yourself up for success. I would recommend joining different…

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