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How important is it to shape your resume towards the job you want?
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, November 5, 2014
It’s important for your resume to reflect skills and previous work experience that can relate to the job you want. It is more difficult to be selected for a position if you do not have any relevant work experience in that field. I wouldn’t encourage you to lie on your resume but I would encourage you to tailor your previous work experience and responsibilities in a way that will relate to the position you are applying. This may require you to have a couple different versions of your resume if you are interested in more than one field so you will want to be sure you use the most relevant resume when applying to jobs.
Answered by Heather, Hiring Expert at The Hershey Company, on Thursday, November 6, 2014
It is very important, unless it is an entry level job. Recruiters look for transferable skills, relevant experiences that will be beneficial to the team they are hiring for.

When we are sourcing for specific prospects for an opening, we use keywords. If your dream job is something you’ve never done you can add an objective of why you want that type of job & how your skills relate to it.
Answered by Nell, Hiring Expert at Pitney Bowes, on Thursday, November 6, 2014
This is a great question! It is very important; especially if you are applying to jobs that are not similar to the ones that you have previously held. You need to connect the dots for the employer.  Employers understand people making career changes and finding a passion in an area that is outside of their previous career history and welcome diverse backgrounds, but if you don’t connect the dots, the employer could assume that you just hit the “apply all” button. This can make the job hunting process time consuming. I have some recommendations to help you with the process.
1)     Start by making several versions of your resume tailored to different positions that you are interested in. You could make one for Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Education. In each resume tailor your skillsets to the requirements of these positions and include an objective statement that explains your interest in the position.
2)     Be sure to apply to 30 jobs a day. I know that seems like a lot, but it is the volume that you will need in order to be getting interviews and then hired. You can break it down by tier one and tier two positions. The tier one jobs are the ones that really peak your interest, they are the ones that you will spend more time on by customizing everything, doing precise application processes, and follow up with someone at the company. Your tier two jobs will be positions that interest you but you spend a little less time on.
3)     If it is a job that is a dream job, and that you meet all the qualifications and it is perfect for you, a good tip is to go over each requirement of the position and make a bullet point that addresses the requirement on your resume.
I wish you all the best in your job search!
Answered by Kim, Hiring Expert at Archer Daniels Midland, on Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Hello! It's very important to have your resume up-to-date with your most current employer/job duties at all times.  While you always want to make sure you "highlight" your skills pertaining to the job you're inquiring about, you want to make sure you don't "cushion" your resume with information that isn't true.  You will always have the opportunity to make yourself and your skills shine during an interview.
Answered by Eddie, Hiring Expert at American Express, on Wednesday, November 12, 2014
When you apply for a role, you may be one of a thousand applications. One of the main ways that recruiters do a first cut is look for the resumes/applications/cover letters that were tailored to the role. It shows that you are actually interested in their role, not just applying for everything.
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