/ Asked by Christian
This question is concerned with creating my resume. I majored in Computer Information Systems and minored in Philosophy. In my experience, these two fields of study, besides the logic aspect, are mostly opposite in terms of thinking. I'm obviously concentrated on applying for IT related jobs. Would a hiring manager for an IT position even care about my minor? Perhaps it was a waste of time, but I certainly enjoy the topic. Anyhow, should I even bother putting my minor on my resume? Could it help my chances of getting a job, or even possibly hurt them?
Answered by Mike, Hiring Expert at Avery Dennison Corporation, on Friday, January 16, 2015
You should definitely add the Philosophy minor on the resume, for a few reasons that I could think of.  

1. In many companies hiring technical talent, it's important to find individuals with not just the technical aptitude, but the soft skills as well (communication, reasoning, understanding, etc.).  In my opinion, seeing someone with a Philosophy minor, demonstrates a level of thinking that would typically lend itself to better soft skills.  If you've taken time to understand people and motivations and purpose, you are more likely to be a better communicator or team player down the road (at least in my opinion).

2. Having a minor shows that you branched out a bit further outside of just your major.  Often times, hiring teams want to see a student that has done more than just get a standalone degree.  They want to see individuals who have balanced school with student org activity, volunteering, sports, music, or any of the above.  Although a minor doesn't really fall under "extra-curricular activities", it does show that you are interested in learning and are trying to maximize your time on campus.  

3.  Lastly, you should include your minor for simple transparency with the organizations you are recruiting with.  The more up front you are with what you have done and accomplished, the better.  Not that accidentally stumbling upon you philosophy minor would disqualify you for any roles, but it's better not to have surprises during the process.

Good luck with your search! 
Answered by Nell, Hiring Expert at Pitney Bowes, on Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Wow, congrats on having a degree in two very intensives programs! I would absolutely recommend that you include that in your resume. It’s a differentiator and a talking point. It shows that you are well rounded and have interests outside of your major, which is a good thing. One of the main things that people look for when hiring a new employee is will they fit it with the team and will people enjoy working with him. Having a philosophy minor will be intriguing and give you guy and the hiring manager/recruiter something to talk about straight away leaving less opportunities for awkward silences in the interview.
Answered by Siobhan, Hiring Expert at Accenture, on Wednesday, January 21, 2015
I would absolutely put your major and minor on your resume. Companies are looking for well-rounded, diverse individuals and these diverging fields of study indicate that you have a diversity of interests and are choosing a well-rounded education. This is a plus to employers! - Betsy, Accenture campus recruiter
Answered by Emily, Hiring Expert at Praxair, Inc., on Friday, January 30, 2015
I would highly suggest that you put your Philosophy minor on your resume.  It definitely will not hurt your chances of getting a job and could even help.  Philosophy students have to be able to think through difficult situations, articulate their thoughts and communicate well and convince others of their opinions - These are all valuable traits to an employer.  It shows that you have interests outside of your main field of Computer Sciences, which makes you a well-rounded candidate and may even give you a talking point in your interviews!
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