/ Asked by Alison
I just received a degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) and am looking into employment options. Seeing as BME is a newer field, many companies do not advertise directly for a BME in their job listings. What other industries are available to biomedical engineers? And what are some nontraditional companies interested in a biomedical engineers?
Answered by Aliyah, Hiring Expert at HP Enterprise, on Monday, August 15, 2016

From what I know about this field is that it is pretty wide in options and it depends what you want to do with this degree. For example, hands-on technical option you can look for biomedical equipment maintenance, consult hospital administrators on planning or project engineering, writing/teaching workflow process for biomedical equipment for healthcare companies or discover new tech working at medical R&D companies.

Companies you can check includes pharmaceutical, medical equipment, healthcare offices, large hospitals, R&D services, Universities and Federal Government. Good luck!

Answered by Sylvia, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., on Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Great question! My first go to was LinkedIn. I looked up people with BME Degrees to see where they are employed. There are people at Apple, GE, the Government, the usual suspects of Hospitals and Medical device companies, even in manufacturing and universities.  Check our Glass door and engineering.com for other industries and professionals with your degree. Also, reach out to those folks to connect with them and get some insight from those who know first hand! 

Best of luck!  
Answered by Rachael, Hiring Expert at Merck & Co., Inc., on Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Biomedical Engineering is an educational discipline with variety of traditional and nontraditional career paths. Traditionally, BME’s are employed with Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Educational and Research Institutions, and Government Regulatory Agencies. Nontraditional career paths include working as an investment analyst for financial firms providing investment advice on bioscience and pharma companies. There are also paths as a Technology Analyst or Business Analyst for an Information Technology company, or Business Solutions Provider supporting bioscience clients. In addition, you could pursue a Marketing Specialist type of role for pharma advertising companies, or Sales Specialist for a medical equipment manufacture, or even a pharmaceutical company and the list goes on. Ideally. it is best to figure out where you want to take your career and what you want to do with your education, then target your search based on that. Check out LinkedIn, or other professional networking sites to search for people with your educational background. You see what they are doing with their careers, and reach out to them to get insight on their role.
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