/ Asked by Reakisha
I checked my job application online for a large value store and it says: "Ready for work." Does anyone know what this means??
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Monday, September 19, 2016
Hi there!  Just about every company is going to have different steps in their application process, and with such limited information this forum would be hard pressed to answer your question accurately.

But I will say this, make sure to check your email for application updates from the company (junk folder too).  Consider using social media channels to engage with a recruiter on the status of your application (we use #AskATTJobs for example, perhaps the retailer you've applied to does something similar). Lastly, be patient.  If there are a lot of applicants it can take some time to review people for the open position(s).  If they have not yet sent you a message that your application has been declined, you may very well be in the running for the job!

The last thing I wanted to say is, make sure you are "Ready for work!"  :)

Best of luck!
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at The Hershey Company, on Thursday, October 13, 2016
Every company has a different process for applications and status of a candidate.  I would not be able to tell you what it  means but I would recommend reaching out to your recruiter or point of contact to let them know you are still interested in the position and if they had an update on the status of your application. Hopefully they will be able to give you more information on where they are at in the interview process. Best of luck!
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Every company has their own process and application statuses. This application status could mean a few different things. It may mean your application has been reviewed and you meet the qualifications to start work immediately, if given the opportunity. Or, if you have interviewed with the company already, it may mean you have passed pre-employment and are ready to start work. The best way to know the true status of your application is to reach out to the company directly or the recruiter, if you have already been in touch with someone.
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