/ Asked by Emily
I just started a new job, and honestly I'm having a difficult time. It's harder than I expected and much different from college. Do you have any advice on how to make this process easier?
Answered by Makailyn, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Transitioning from college to the workforce can be a challenging and difficult experience especially if the position is not what you expected or challenging to grasp. My first piece of advice would be to have weekly meetings with your manager to talk about how things are going and ask questions. If you both reserve this time on your calendars it can deduce the number of questions you have throughout the week as well as give your manager the opportunity to get to know you. Once you have a relationship being established, be open with them about the difficulties. They may have advice or extra resources available to help! My next piece of advice would be to stay organized and prioritize your work. When starting a new position, it can be overwhelming the amount you are taking over. Start by looking at your workload and prioritizing what needs to get done today, this week, or this month. Work on those projects that are most critical first and then set aside a little time every day to work on those longer-term projects. Lastly, take it day by day. You aren't going to master the position in a day, and I don't believe anyone expects you to. As long as you communicate, remain organized, and give it your all things will begin to fall into place. Good luck!
Answered by Kate, Hiring Expert at ADP, on Tuesday, July 3, 2018
My first job was very difficult. There's a lot of changes - commute, working hours which are usually 8am-5pm or longer (solid Mon-Fri routine), lots to learn, trainings, sometimes office "politics" - office etiquette, etc. Your first job is your forever job and a lot of times one of your hardest jobs. However, you're fresh out of college, you're not expected to know everything. ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Ask to take additional trainings, if needed. Job shadow others on the team or in the company. Keep a routine. If you're stressed - exercise or find a hobby to get any negativity out. Don't assume you know how to do something or you'll figure it out - you want to think outside the box and show you can do things on your own but you don't want to waste all your energy guessing what your manager wants and then do something wrong. Clarify what is being asked before you do it and then add your own twist to a project/task if it's possible to show you can do more than what's being asked. Keep your head up, stay positive, smile, ask questions and enjoy your first job - you won't get this time back! Good luck!  
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