/ Asked by Kahzah
How can I break into the sports industry without taking a severe pay cut or a pay cut at all for that matter? I'd almost be changing careers, but I'd like to transition responsibly.
Answered by Eddie, Hiring Expert at Quest Diagnostics, on Thursday, August 23, 2018
Let's do a good news/bad news scenario. The bad news is many people who switch from one field to another are vulnerable to pay cuts, because they have little/no experience in the field and must learn new skills. So, decide how much of a pay cut you are willing to take, if you must take one to chase your dream.

The good news is you can do this without taking a cut if you're strategic. The first thing I would suggest is building a quality network. While that can take some time, it can put you in a great position. Second, focus on your transferable skills. There's an excellent list of transferable skills from Rogue Community College. Finally, keep up with sports news, and try to brand yourself as an innovator or problem solver. On a personal note, networking plus a focus on transferable skills is how I made the (unexpected) career transition from mass media to recruitment.

Last thing. Be enthusiastic! You'll be amazed at how marketable enthusiasm is. Good luck!!!
Answered by Wendy, Hiring Expert at Pitney Bowes, on Wednesday, September 5, 2018
When you have no experience in the new field the best way to position yourself is with your transferable skills. Give tangible examples of things you have accomplished that are relevant to the new role. However, you may have to take a few steps back to move forward.

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