/ Asked by Sarah
Who should a cover letter be addressed to if you are unsure who the hiring manager is?
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Great question! A cover letter does not need to be addressed to a specific person unless you know who the recruiter or hiring manager is. It is acceptable (and common) to address as "To Whom it May Concern". I have also seen candidates address to "Recruiter" or "Talent Acquisition" or "Hiring Manager". These are all acceptable as well.
Answered by Ashlyn, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, on Tuesday, September 18, 2018
It's fine to address your cover letter to "Whom It May Concern", "Hiring Team", or "HR Team". 
Answered by Holly, Hiring Expert at Daikin Applied, on Tuesday, February 5, 2019
I think a safe bet would be ...Dear Hiring Manager.  

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