/ Asked by Susan
I had an interview 2 weeks ago. The interview was more of a conversation of us getting to know each other. I sent an email thank you that night. They told me that they had a couple of other people they were meeting with after me, and then they'd then be making the decision (this week). Do I send a snail mail thank you now? I don't want to seem too eager.
Answered by Sylvia, Hiring Expert at HP Enterprise, on Monday, June 17, 2019
Great question! If you haven't had any communications with them in a couple of weeks, absolutely reach out with a follow-up email. Nice touch on the thank you note, but this email should focus on the status of your candidacy. With the elapsed time, you don't seem too eager, and you want to make sure you stay in touch to ensure your interest is conveyed to the hiring team. Best of luck! 
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Congratulations on your interview! Since you sent a thank you email right after the interview occurred, I don't think it's necessary to send a thank you note via mail as well. At this point, it will seem a little delayed and would be redundant to the email you already sent. It's always difficult waiting for an offer decision following an interview, especially if it's 2 weeks! I would recommend trying to remain patient and wait until after the deadline they gave you before following up again. If you don't hear from them when they promised, I would definitely follow-up with a second thank you email and explain you're still very interested in the position and company, and you're reaching out to see if a decision has been made yet.

Good luck!
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