/ Asked by Colin
What does a college degree tell you about a person? If the answer strays from knowing anything academically to confidence that a student can start something and finish it which conveys something about his/her character then what other evidence could you use to come to the same conclusion that would not set student back $80k and saddled with student debt?
Answered by Todd, Hiring Expert at MetLife, on Friday, October 18, 2013
I am not sure what you are really looking for here but seems like you may be deciding between going to college or not. My advice to young people is to pursue something you enjoy or think you will enjoy doing. If going to college is the path for you that is great but if not there are many successful people without college degrees. That being said a college degree should show something about that person's interest (major field of study) and of course shows a commitment to furthuring education, seeking knowledge, being able to complete a worthwhile endeavor etc. 

It is many times simply the first requirement for a potential job and with out it someone would not qualified to go in to a particular field. For example if you want to be a CPA you need to go to school for accounting. Whether or not you agree with that is another story but a degree in accounting is a minimum level of expertise required to enter the field. You of course learn much more in "the real world" than a classroom setting but without the degree you can not even get there. Same with engineers, people in the sciences, actuaries etc. 

I hope this answered your question. If not please clarify ;-)  
Answered by Jenny, Hiring Expert at Fifth Third Bank, on Wednesday, October 23, 2013
It sounds like are you trying to decide if you want to attend college or just jump into a career. I would say that would depend on the career you want. Some careers do require you to have a degree. You could always start with a company that has tuition reimbursement and work and attend college while work is paying for it. It truly is just a personal decision. Good luck in whatever you decide.
Answered by Kelly, Hiring Expert at Merck & Co., Inc., on Thursday, October 24, 2013
If I understand the question correctly, you’re in the process of deciding between colleges or entering directly into the work force. College allows for a person to develop and build skill sets. Depending on your field of interest, college may be a requirement. It provides knowledge and experience allowing for the ability to do a job. If you are looking into a field that would require specific laboratory work for example, education may be necessary to provide that type of detailed and specific experience. That is not to say all skills come from academia. Requirements depend on the position. Skills and experience are built and fine-tuned throughout your career. Each position comes with basic qualifications. Recruiters compare your resume against these requirements to determine if you are the strongest candidate for the position. Good luck in whichever path you choose!
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